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Derusting Tank

Mmagi - SDC Forum - July 2013

New electrolysis tank and power supply

Fried another cheap power supply and it was time to start over.

Started with a 55 gallon plastic drum to replace my 36 gallon Christmas storage tub. Much more substantial and even has a drain. Inside the garage may be OK for a demo in a half full 5 gallon bucket... but this hydrogen thing I've been ignoring might go booooom inside with 30-40 gallon tank and a good power supply!

For power supply this time I started with an unused computer power supply. Grounded out the green load wire and grouped other wires by color/voltage to a handy bar.

Pictures below show the result after a lower control arm was in the tank 5 to 10 minutes. The brown foam around the rebar is rust that has already migrated from the part. Power supply is from the 12V 16 Amp lug.

1 table spoon washing soda per gallon of water.
Part on the negative, rebar on the positive.
4 hours to overnight in the tank then brush/rinse off remaining crud
Spray with OSPHO to prevent flash rust until you can get around to painting party.

After the needle scaler this is an easy way to get clean down to ready to paint condition.

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