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1964 Dealer Codes - Hamilton, Canada

    Here are the sales codes for the 1964 production year Hamilton, Canada built Studebaker cars. These codes are from a factory publication entitled 1964 ORDER GUIDE FOR COMMANDER, DAYTONA, CRUISER, Revised Jan. 1964. There is no traditional PD printing code. This publication, although factory issued, is poorly done and looks to be a 'hurry up' job. The format has penciled entries on a typed form.

    17 Standard 3 speed manual transmission
    18 Overdrive
    19 Automatic
    22 4 speed manual
    26 289 engine
    30 4 bbl. carb
    33 Dual exhausts
    38 Power steering
    39 Power brakes
    40 Disc brakes
    43 Individual reclining seats
    44 Bucket seats
    46 Hideaway seat
    48A Heavy Duty springs-front
    48B Heavy Duty springs-rear
    49A Heavy Duty shocks-front
    49B Heavy Duty shocks-rear
    51 Whitewall tires
    51D Nylon 500 black tires
    51E Nylon 500 white tires
    52 Horn ring
    53 Dual headlights
    54 Electric rear window
    56 All windows tinted
    57 Windshield tinted only
    60 Climatizer
    61 Back-up lights
    62 Electric clock
    64 Roof- solid
    64A Roof- sliding
    65 Radio (manual)
    66 Radio (push botton)
    67 Radio (AM-FM)
    68 Rear speaker
    70 Undercoating
    71 Bumper guards- front
    72 Bumper guards- rear
    77 Twin-Traction
    78 Wet air cleaner
    79 Wheel discs (covers)
    80 Luggage carrier
    81 Seat belts- front l&r
    82 Seat belts- rear l&r
    83 Tail gate steps
    87 Outside mirror- l
    162 Manual w/s washer
    163 Spare tire cover
    164 Engine block heater
    165 Rear fender shields
    166 Exterior trim

    This certainly explains the codes 87 and 162 on the Philadelphia '64s sitting at the Regional office. These codes were in use before South Bend closed and were probably added after the 9-63 publication was released. Interesting, to say the least.

    Frank Drumheller Louisa, VA