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Thread: Power windows for Buttercup.

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    Power windows for Buttercup.

    I used Nu-Relic power windows in Leo. The are very easy to install. They bolt into the original regulator bolt holes. But......they now sell for over $400 pair. And where's the fun in just bolting in something when you can spend 2-3 weeks cobbling something together that might work and might not work. We'll see.

    In true CASO fashion I am cobbling together cheap ass power windows.
    I went on Ebay and found power windows for the rear doors for a Cadillac Escalade that look like I could make work. $55.50 delivered to my door for both doors. Woo Hoo, what a deal.
    I got them today. Since the door glass is curved in the Cadillac the lift mechanism is also curved and 4" too tall.
    I told Robert "There's nobody in the state of Georgia that can straighten these lift channels". As usual, he grabbed them out of my hand in in 15 minutes had all four channels straight as an arrow.
    I then cut 4 inches out of the middle of each riser and am now ready to shorten each cable 4 inches.

    The lift mechanism as it came out of the box.

    The channels after they've been straightened and shortened

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    Cool! I hope it works out well. Keep sending the great pictures.

    I remember seeing some car in the wrecking yard (older Audi..., Volvo maybe???) that had a simple cable that attached internally near the window sill. It looped under the window at the bottom/center and then back up to a motor/pulley on the interior side of the door. Simple system that pushed the window up as the cable wound on the pulley and I assume gravity to drop it. It allowed for the tracks to remain the original. I'd think additional pulleys/cable would allow you to put the motor/pulley where it fit.
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    I've used power window actuators for a Suzuki XL7 for 2 model A Ford's, and the 54 Starliner. They use one cable operated slider, which I position at the center of the window. Super easy install, no failures so far. Only tricky part is since I bolt them to the bottom of the window, they must be absolutely parallel to window travel. They are quite thin, so take very little space.

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