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Studebaker Voltage Regulator exchanges

(NAPA Parts #'s checked online, page revised and webified Nov 2007)

    VOLTR - 40-55 Studebaker - Echlin VR2 (six volt) / The NAPA VR2 now comes up ECHVR25 and doesn't say if it'a 6 volt (Nov 07)

    VOLTR - 56-61 Studebaker For Prestolite VR17, For Delco(?) VR22 or VR 24. The VR24 in NAPA Parts comes up to an ECHVR128@ $71.99, EHVR136@ $74.99 or ECHVR899 @$85.49 - No info given on specs

    VOLTR - 62 GT Hawk ( Generator) - ECHVR204 @$39.99 (Nov 07)
      VOLTR - 63-64 GT Hawk - Borg Warner Select R280 Voltage Regulator. (Feb 2006)

      VOLTR - 63-64 Hawk Ignition elec. 72 Chrysler Voltage regulator VR-79 Tungsten /(Not verified - Nov 07)

      VOLTR - Echlin (NAPA) VR222 voltage regulator /direct fit for Prestolite VBV-6221C. (NLA Nov 2007)

      VOLTR - Solid state voltage regulator - ACE electronic voltage regulator (part no. vr-1760) mount the solid state regulator inside the Presolite cover (no info / Nov 07)

      VOLTR - Echlin VR 1001@ $54.99 voltage regulator / solid state replacement on 60s Studebakers for the old points / vibrator types. Red wire that comes out of the bottom with a spade connector on it connects to the Ign circuit and the Field circuit attaches to the threaded post terminal on top

      VOLTR - Avanti 63-64 Voltage Regulator 1556952 / Echlin VR 222 / Motorc raft GRX 386 / Prestoilte 8-223 / NAPA VR 222* / Prestollte VBV-6221C / Borg/Warner R 280 / Sorenson URA 1 / IPM 9728 / Prestolite VBV 6221A / Chrysler VR 79 / Blue Streak VR 107 / Autolite 8-185 / *Requires Different mounting - Thought is, that none of these are available, any longer - Nov 07)

      VOLTR - 63-64 Avanti / Studebaker (Prestolite) - NAPA Transpo M5-IS6A 12V-221. / Install SS unit in can of old mechanical regulator

        Newer info on above - Transpo P8-404A 14.2V Adjustable or NAPA part No. ECHVR1006 @ $61.99 (Nov 07).
        The Prestolite ALE replacement unit is Transpo P8-352A 14.2V Adjustable or NAPA VR1006.

        WELLS (Autozone) VR706 is available, an exact bolt up and fits in the Prestolite can and has a lifetime warranty (Nov 07)
        NAPA crosses the VR706, over to 3 others (Takes too long for Autozone to respond)

      VOLTR - Voltage Regulator replacement for Avanti/Hawk w/ Prestolite ALE alternators- solid state VR echlin vr1006 installed in the old can. Apr 02 / Wiring for VR1006 Black=Ground Purple=Ignition Yellow=Field. Wire the (red/whi) from the ALT directly to the (bla) to the +12 Buss
      (Available Nov 07)

      VOLTR - 64 Avanti - Direct replacement is a NAPA ECHVR128 @$71.99

      VOLTR - 56-61 For Prestolite VR17, For Delco VR22 or VR 24
      VOLTR - 62-66 VR101X
      VOLTR - 63 GT HAwk - 69 Dodge Charger ( Oct 2004)- NAPA ECHVR32 @$54.99 ( Nov 07) or MPEVR32SB @$14.99
      No differences explained. (Nov 07)(up to 60 Amp only)(nov 07)
      VOLTR - 66 V8 (283) or I-6 (230) - NAPA ECHVR32 @$54.99 ( Nov 07) or MPEVR32SB @$14.99
      No differences explained. (Nov 07)

    VOLTR - Voltage Regulator 1973 Avanti - Chevy Camaro (NAPA ECHVR32)
    Note: Many of these regulators were recently crossed checked on the NAPA Online website and it appears that there's a generic replacement for most Alternators up to 60 Amp, which is the NAPA ECHVR32 @$54.99. The cheaper MPEVr32SB is only $14.99, so it may be for a lighter duty scenario.

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