1966 Chevy Caprice Power Steering in a 57 Champ Truck


 l 13 Aug 2018

From:     SDC Forum #107224

I have a '57 Transtar and the steering in it was brutal. We installed a power steering box from a '66 Chevy Caprice/Impala etc. mostly because we had one lying around.
The surprise was that it almost bolted in, mainly because GM and Studebaker both sourced their steering gear from the same supplier (Saginaw, I believe).
As I recall, it didn't take much more than slotting one of the three mounting holes in the frame to bolt the box in. The Stude pitman arm slipped right on to the shaft of the Caprice box.
I bought a used Studebaker power steering pump that bolted to the 259 and had a local shop build the hoses between the pump and steering box.

I can now make a U-turn with one finger. It's unbelievable how easy it works. I hope your installation is as easy.

Don Green, Central, CA

Studebaker Pump / Custom Hoses

NOTE: This uses a GM Steering Column