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SDC # 88620 - (Start May 2015)

SC #97896 - (Start Nov 2016)

SDC #100871 - (Start May 2017 )

Note: Most Japanese types will run well without the Control unit / Once energized, the unit will search for a reference pulse from the control unit / If none received, the unit will go into "LIMP: Mode and this is very adequate for general running.

Note: Prius and Kia models are very light duty and are not recommended for Studebaker conversions (Plastic parts)

Youtube addendum

EPAS Basics

Bench test EPAS

Toyota Control Unit (optional)
For all Japanese/Korean units


2002-7 Saturn Vue (also Equinox) EPAS unit
Saturn unit has control unit bolted to dash unit

Other types / Toyota / Nissan / Kia
Have control units remotely mounted ( if you want to use them)
As stated, control units are redundant / system will run fine in "Limp" mode without control unit

This is the Firewall to Steering wheel section / Shaft from firewall to steering box has to be fabricated.

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