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Steve Brenneman, Carson City, NV

Sept 2014

From SDC Forum # 84264

OK guys, here's my first attempt at posting some pix of my 03/04/05 Dodge Neon power steering rack installation (by a previous owner). I will be happy to take under car measurements, more pixs, and answer your questions as best I can.

As I said previously, this setup drives pretty nicely, but I have not driven hard over bumps while in a turn. I like my Avanti fiberglas fenders the way they are... Yes, I know that I need to install some new rubber accordion ends on the Neon rack; I am hoping the accordion ends are stock Neon rubber parts, but I haven't yet been to the Dodge dealer to order the Neon parts. To answer Bob and Alan's question (sort of): I don't know if the steering arms were bent or not from their stock configuration. Perhaps someone more familiar with the OEM Stude front end geometry can figure it out from the pix I am about to post.

If this pix experiment works OK, I'll post some additional pix in another email.

Looks OK so far. BTW the left rotor photos were taken with the steering wheel in the full right turn position.