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Power Steering Control Valve

    The Power Steering Control Valve Is a usual source of drips, but can be resealed quickly. The seal kit contains only 2 items, which are the seals involved

    The kit is used in a 65 Mustang control valve or can be purchased from Studebaker International for $15.00

    Here are the instructions from the kit:

    A) Jack up the car and remove the left front wheel
    B) Move the control valve to a point about 8" forward of it's rearmost position

    Refer to the diagram ( comes in the kit)
    C) Remove end cap (1)
    D) Remove 1/2" hex nut (2)
    E) Remove flat washer (3), shoulder washer (4), spring (5), spacer (13), shoulder washer (6) and adapter (7)
    ( lay the parts on a clean surface, in a row as they were removed)
    F) Remove the spool valve (10), steel washer (8), and seal (9). Note the direction of travel of the spool, as it has to be returned the same way
    G) The inner worn seal(11) and steel retainer(12) will undoubtedly get stuck in the bore, so fabricate a tool to hook and remove them slowly
    (Notice the seals have a wider edge on one side. This is the scraper edge and they ride on the spool facing each other. The scraper edge of (9) faces the scraper edge of (11)

    H) INSTALL a new seal (11) on spool (10), with the steel retainer(12) behind it, put some PS fluid on the assembly and re-insert the spool into the bore.
    I) Next is the tricky part. Install the end seal(9) on the spool with the scraper edge inward and use a blunt but rigid instrument (toothpick?) to maneuver the scraper into the bore without damaging the edge. Once on and inside the bore, replace the steel retainer(8) and move the seal and retainer into the bore
    J) Re-install the balance of the assembly (laying on the clean surface) in the reverse order of removal
    K) Tighten the retaining nut until it bottoms out and then back off one sixth of a turn (= 1 flat of the nut)

    L) At this point, you check for leaks, but there won't be any....

    For renovation jobs,
    You should not sand the valve ,spool, this is fits with a .0003 clearance and will require more pump flow to operate (if the clearances get larger)s . This (Sanding) will increase efforts because the spool has to travel more to build pressure. We usually soaked the assembly in Stoddard sovent for two days to free them. Over 90% of bad assemblies are caused by frozen grease in the actuator,ball stud that will not move correctly. Please clean this first.( 2004) older P>