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Steering Center Pin Bearings

(reviewed Jan 2007)

( From the Stude newsgroup)

I went out on the net- to research the bearing number- and see what I could come up with. The bearing is a Torrington B-1612. So I went to a few websites looking for that number. There were several B-1612's listed... and some had "other" nomenclature with them. I bookmarked the page (

When I realized I had only 1 bearing in my stash, I called my local bearing supply- and gave them the number I needed. They had 2 of the bearings in stock, so I knew I couldjust go pick them up. I asked the guy if he listed any other "similar" bearings. Specifically- the one's I was looking at on the net. I asked him what the difference was between a B-1612, and a B-1612-OH.. was. He said OH stood for "Oil Hole". It dawned on me that I might be able to make use ofthis... So, I ordered several new B-1612's and (2) of the B-1612-OH Bearings.

I will be posting a webpage soon, that covers the rebuild I did for Ken's Avanti. But, in the mean time- here is a photo of the new bellcrank- with (3) bearings instead of (2). The center bearing (a B-1612-OH) has been pressed in- so that the oil hole aligns with the grease fitting. The only thing I noticed, was it was a bit slower pumping the grease in... but it wasn't difficult at all.

Ray Fichthorn Dec 2003

Addendum 2013: Alan
Los Angeles

The B-1616 is a longer bearing. I use those top and bottom but in the middle I use a B-1612OH, so it is supported all the way.