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Studebaker Avanti Power Windows

//// When replacing the Factory alternator with an internally regulated unit, you no longer use the factory Voltage Regulator and the wiring is capped and hidden or removed. (Jack Usher - June 2009)
One additional note, on cars with electric windows when you disconnect the old regulator
you are also disconnecting the power to the window relay.

Note: The Yellow/black wire from the voltage regulator to the Power Window Relay is the low amperage supply to the relay. This line allows the relay to operate.

The line from the Starter Solenoid to the Circuit Breaker to the relay, is the actual high amperage draw that operates the motors.
When installing a GM or other internally regulated Alternator, in order to continue operation of the power windows, merely connect a shunt or connector from the +12 side of the starter solenoid to the Yellow/Black connection on the relay. /rj - june 2009