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This is the drivers side power window regulator and drive from a 1970 Avanti. The motors are NLA and rebuilds can run upwards of $300.00. The motor here is inoperative and has to be replaced. Online information indicated that a Dorman 742-202/ 742-203 motor have similar characteristics and can be made to work, but no further informaton could be obtained, other than that the regulator had to be modified..

A motor was ordered ($70.00) and then the fun began

The regulator was removed and marked as to what does what, limits, etc and how the old motor fit on.

First issue noticed was that the new motor is almost twice as large and the regulator interferes with the upper shoulder

This is prior to realizing that the drive cog wasn't going to mesh...

14 Nov 2014 -
So the Dorman ( 742-202) window motor looked like a drop fit. The bolt pattern was good, but the drive cog was about a quarter inch away from the moon gear. Looked for a longer cog but never got a reply from any vendor.
Examining the regulator, the only piece that was in the way, was the upper mounting area. There were still 3 other points to bolt the motor to, so it was decided to try and modify the regulator to accept the Dorman motor. The modifications had to be reversible or at least non destructive, so the old style motor could still be used.

Then the arbor broke....(omen?)

15 Nov 2014

23 Nov 2014
A revised edition and practical module here....

Each window gets one module which has an UP and a DOWN relay, operated by the original window switches

24 Nov 2014
- Fabricated another window module. Success in prepping new window module for wiring.

-Went in and hooked up to a battery and te window motor / Success, works fine!

Opened Avanti console to expose dual switch. Each side has duplicate leads / Black is Power in. Disconnected Black POWER lead to DSide switch. Ran new Black to ground. Dside switch now has NO power to it and Black lead is a ground that when switch moves up/down will pass ground signal to appropriate relay in module. Module contains two relays that provide power to up/down circuit.

25 Nov 2014
Version II, considering lack of space to install....

Since the wiring at switches is directly available, the console will be the venue. Just splice them into the existing circuit

01 Dec 2014
26 Nov - 30 Nov- Cold in garage.. / Installed module in console to check fit/function and voltage didn't work correctly. Had to completely check over module. Worked fine on bench. 1 Dec installed and tested again and success. Now back to regulator. Made initial fasteners for motor to bracket. Looks good. Will crop bolts and pretty things up.

03 Dec 2014
Still cold in garage.. / Got bolts trimmed. Have to reverse one to clear moon gear / Checked function with motor tight on mount and moon gear slipped after 1/4 of travel. Found the drive gear on the new motor, having only 7 teeth, was too small in circumference to engage moon gear adequately. Old motor gear had 9 teeth and was larger. Found online a Dorman 747-412 motor gear kit that looks like it will fit and had 9 teeth. / have to wait & see

06 Dec 2014
Still cold in garage.. / The new gear kit came yesterday (747-212) and was evident that this was the needed size./ The kit came with new gear, gear cover, plastic pads, nylon drive gear, a woodruff key and a bag of grease. Used the new pads and 9 tooth gear, fit like it was made for it./ Assembled the regulator once more with moon gear set in position. Put the bolt heads on the out side this time to clear the regulator motion. Tried the motor function and it was a very smooth and positive action...

09 Dec 2014
Still cold in garage.. /742-203 or WL43015 motor arrived today / Siemans (VDO) Made in Mexico./ works fine / Found that you can actually mount either motor up to either side / ordered a larger gear

17 Dec 2014
Not so cold in garage.. / Had motor and regulator in door / had to trim the door to get the motor to fit ok / mount the motor and regulator / Got weather strip on door, vent in and then window / adjusted everything and it Tested out fine.

Motor is in, fits, works, etc... Alternate motor candidate would be a 742-250. Smaller, has the 9 tooth gear drive, cheaper, same attachment footprint...