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Wiring a dual speaker control ( Avanti)

Background: According to Crockett Sound Lab, from the 1969 Delco Radio Service Manual, '62 Avanti's used model # AC 3305, '63 Avanti's AC 3377, '64 Avanti's AC 3506. The '64 Avanti AM/FM was AC 3500.

These radios used a special dial glass with the edges painted red, to give a red light. The bulb for the dial light was clear. It's an elongated bulb that passes through the circuit board inside the radio.

Internally, the Avanti radio, AC3506 at least, has one more audio frequency amp than at least some Lark radios. At the time, it could have been called a "six transistor radio", as opposed to the "five transistor models. It's also "instant on". There is no capacitor across the "on" switch; so it comes on with a thump.

A lot of Stude radios have the same nose piece and will look right. The special bulb can be dyed. I think you need that elongated bulb to light the dial up right.

Mike M.

The radio output "positive" (+) wire for speaker output would be connected to the darker green wire on the center tap.

The lighter green wire would then go to the positive terminal of the speaker(s) in the rear, using a splice for two speakers.

The black would go to the front speaker positive.(+)

All speaker ground (-) wires would be tied together, either on a separate circuit or to the car chassis (-)



Full radio schematics are HERE