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Studebaker 2 barrel carb - Float adjustment with alcohol fuel
from Ray-Lin Restoration - Ray Fichthorn - Nov 2009

The BIGGEST reason for a Stromberg WW to "dump gas" into the intake is a MIS-ADJUSTED FLOAT. It's NOT that they aren't adjusted correctly according to the BOOK... but instead... it's because of the modern gasoline formulations. Modern gasoline is not nearly as DENSE as the old-time leaded regular gas of the 60's.
So, what does this mean???

It means that you must get ALOT more fuel into the fuel bowls- to raise the float to a level to shut off the needle/seat. THIS is what creates the "dumping" of fuel into the air-horn.

THE FIX: Low-Choke model WW's- please refer to the photos below

  • 1) Remove the LARGE machine screw holding the pivot-arm for the acceleration pump (A*). This screw is LEFT-HAND thread... so you must turn it CLOCKWISE or risk breaking it off. Remove the arm from the top of the acceleration pump and from the linkage-rod (B).
  • 2) Remove the spring-clip (or cotter pin) from the Choke Linkage (C)
  • 3) Remove the spring-clip (or cotter pin) from the High-Idle Cam and remove the rod (D)
  • 4) Remove the 6 Carburetor Air Horn Screws (E)and lift off the top-cover. Be careful not to lose the Accel pump spring- it might remain attached to the pump.
  • 5) Remove the brass "baffle" between the carb float (F) and the tang (G) that pushes against the needle.
  • 6) To LOWER the float level- hold the float-tang firm but not hard enough to distort the neoprene, against the needle. Bend the lip of the float (NOT the tang) to lower the level. The level should be set at least 1/32" LOWER than the book specification. The spec is (3/16"), so the NEW float level should be set to 7/32" below the main body- measured at the CENTER of the float.

    NOTES: Do not turn the carb body upside-down with the top-cover off. You may lose the idle-tubes and check-ball for the acceleration pump.