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Gas Tank
78Avanti Gas Tank

1985 Water Temp Sender = AC DELCO 213-4793
Common 1979 - 1991 - all size engines
Replaces Original (OE) Part # 25036135, 25037346, 8993146, 8993164
Jim Espey - - Aug 2018

1990 4-door gas tank sender
It should be a 1990 Chevrolet Caprice sending unit.
Ernest Edwards (Nov 2010)

GT / Hawk Senders GAS Tank

Gas Tank Sender Screws

MISC More Senders

More temperature/gas tank, etc"> Replacing the floats

Repair your Sender

Temperature Gauge / Troubleshoot and sender numbers
Check Temperature gauge


62 Factory sender


Pertronix /w Digital Sender


63 Avanti (wiring)


55-64 Studebaker ) 1956GH Packard eng)- use it's own distributor mounted special sender. Will not work on other Studebakers

2) 1951-1958 Delco 1110839, and 1110864 V8 Distributors can all use the '55-'61 Sending unit IF you use the '55-'61 Speedster/Hawk-style tachometer.

3)1962-64 Hawk w/1110864 or Prestolite uses a square sender with GT-style tachometer. This setup can be used on all 1110839/1110864 distributors IF the regular GT Tachometer is used.

4)'63-64 with Prestolite Distributor- uses a round can-style sender for R-series Tachometers

5)'63-64 with Prestolite Distributor- uses a square-style sender for standard Tachometers

Studeman - Ray Fichthorn - Winston Salem, NC SDC Forum #26619


55-65 rebuild your own