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Steering arms connect the steering knuckle to the tie rods. Quick Steering arms are standard arms that have been heated and recurved to a tighter dimension, shortening them. This effectively reduces the required geometric movement to move the spindles left/right. Conversely, it raises the amount of effort required (*1) to make that movement.. It is the geometry which dictates how much steering wheel input/effort is required to move the arms. The turning circle is not affected, the Lock-to-Lock limits of the steering wheel are reduced.

The arms can be used on any configuration, standard or Power-Steering.

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Notes: *1 - The effort to turn the steering knuckle increases with the addition of the quick steer arms. If you have standard steering the Ross box may have a higher ratio ( 22:1 vs 16:1) and the increase in effort will be minimized.

If you have power steering and you install the Qsteer arms, then the onus is put on the power steering ram via the hoses and PS Pump. It would be very prudent to insure the hoses , at least, are in prime condition. If the condition of the high pressure hose is original ,old or visibly weathered, it is more subject to rupture with increase of pressure and you do not want this to happen on a turn or you may wind up in the weeds as you will lose control of the steering.

All the steering connections will be put in a higher effort mode....

My personal experience with the Qsteer arms on a 69 Avanti II, was not pleasing and the arms came off shortly after. With the Avanti power steering, the driver has what is tantamount to a circular tiller due to the amount of increased turning angle with less steering wheel movement. It's worth mentioning that all the steering components would be better off if they were in new condition when you decide to go to qsteer arms.