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Avanti Rag Joint repair

June 29 2013 - SDC Forum #72759 - (Sweetolbob)

A while back I asked about replacing the upper seal on my 74 Avanti steering box. Adam DeRosa answered with a link to his solution on Bob's website. He used SKF seal 8625. The link was Adam used a Dremel tool to open the housing, I'm lucky enough to have a lathe so I machined the housing for a press fit and set the seal about 1/8" lower in the housing to assure the seal was running on a non-worn portion of the shaft.

Thanks Adam, you saved me a ton of research and no leaks either.

My rag joint - steering coupler has seen better days so I went to the search function here and Bob's site and got the part numbers listed. Well!! as is wont to happen, NAPA and the Internet couldn't come up with a currently available interchange as those numbers were quite old.

Measuring the shaft yielded a 3/4" X 36 tooth measurement and found that size/spline was not all that common. Some were available but there were flat spots on the couplers toothed radius. Finally found this one at Speedway which fit.,41916.html It's made by Classic Products P/N RJC-736R

In real life it looks like this.

I posted this shot because there of two adaptations necessary. There are two shoulder bolts under the new joint. The newer one from the new coupler is 3/8" whereas the older one is 5/16". The shoulders are the same size so replace the 3/8" with one 5/16" from the old coupler. The old coupler had two 5/16" bolts whereas the new one had one 3/8" and one 5/16" shoulder bolts. The pins are both 3/8" on the new one and 5/16" and 3/8" on the old but it makes no difference for the installation.

The cutoff bolt under the old coupler has a slight oval ground on the end. The coupling was a tight fit so I just put the bolt in the gap and turned it to open coupling a few thousands. Slid on like butter.