Technical Looking for a Short steering rack

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 31Vicky with a hemi, May 14, 2015.

  1. Rear steer configuration.

    So I've been looking for a short power steering rack. Preferably a common one available at the local parts house. I need an application or part #.

    If I could find a web site that showed pictures and gave dimensions I'd be in like flinn to find a rack on my own.

    My intent is build something like this that utilizes a travel bar to maintain correct geometry, without spending 3Gs. image.jpg
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  2. 54reno
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    For rear steer try a Omni rack.
  3. Phil1934
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    Intrepid. Arms go to the bolt holes 2" apart[​IMG]
  4. Anyone know how big an omni rack is ?
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  5. Phil1934
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    41.7"or 45" on Flaming River site
  6. blowby
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    from Nicasio Ca

    Consider used race car stuff. I needed a very small rack (front, but perhaps they make rear) and found this Sweet rack for $100, with a power assist unit that I did not use. Easy rebuild. Nothing I could find for production cars was small enough.

  7. gatz
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    IIRC, the Dodge/Chrys cars had front-steer spindles. The tie rods go from the closely spaced holes as shown, but the attachment point for them is AHEAD of the spindle relative to the wheel. i.e. The steering arms point forward.
    Looks kinda weird in the car.
  8. 2OLD2FAST
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    from illinois

    Isn't chev. cavalier a "center mount " r&p...
  9. Early cavalier is center mount,
    But the damn thing is about 3 feet long.
    The dodge intrepid is almost identical except the hose connection faces the opposite way. I have had both under there.

    Dodge omni rack isn't 44ish long ,
    That's to the ends of the tie rods.

    I need a rack that works like a center mount, (cavalier) that's a foot shorter which isn't happening. The mounting in narrow frame rails could not be uglier.
    Or a transfer bar set up as pictured in the first post.

    From the bottom up.

    1958 190sl stock parts- out for a V8
    The garbage I took out from previous -
    Cavalier center mount
    Intrepid center mount.

  10. gatz
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    Yes, it is.
    There's been other threads about adapting this R&P (which is also shared with Pontiacs of the same platform)
    It's worthwhile to read up on those because they talk about making adapters to alter how the tie-rods attach due to how the main body mounting angle may change to get the steering input where needed.

    Cav \'94 R&P PS setup_1.JPG

    I have this unit that I was going to install in the 40 Chrysler, but went a different direction.
    If anyone is interested , message me.
  11. LM14
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    from Iowa

  12. Ok,

    What color should I paint it ?
  13. I used a 1995 Mazda Miata in my 51' Ford (rear mount) dont recall the overall length, I did cut down the arms and rethread them though. You may want to check out the mini truck/lowrider suppliers, I recall seeing a rack that was on a slammed mini truck that was fairly short.

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