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Studebaker Avanti Ross Steering box Topseal (Adam DeRosa - Apr 2011) After I was unable to locate the proper replacement seal, I decided to go with "plan b" and find an off-the-shelf replacement that was close. I carefully removed my seal and took it to my local Motion Industries (formerly Berry Bearing) outlet to see what was available.

The closest seal I could find was the SKF 8625, which has the proper 0.875" (7/8") Inside Diamater and a slightly larger than original Outside Diameter of 1.25". By carefully the enlarging the bore of the top cover with a dremel tool and stopping to measure as I worked, I was able to press the new seal in with a nice fit.
The main difference though is that the original seal has a much greater height than the replacement seal ( 0.425 vs. 0.182) but I don't think this will be an issue as the replacement fits tightly in the cover and snugly on the shaft.
Adam DeRosa - Apr 2011