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Thread: Type S steering box rebuild. W/pictures

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    Type S steering box rebuild. W/pictures

    As promised I am doing a little tech on rebuilding the saginaw steering box as used on 51-56. This is a simple rebuild if procedure is followered. If you don't have a shop manual or some reference (Motor's etc) GET one. The new lip seal is a 61-66 Lark Part no. 1552088. I hope this helps someone.

    Box removed with pitman arm nut removed. Ross in background.

    Remove the pitman arm with a suitable puller.

    Remove the side cover four bolts and slide the pitman shaft and cover out as an assembly. Remove jamb nut and screw adjustment IN to seperate. Remove the large spanner nut and screw out end cap. Mark bearings as to location.

    Remove old bushings from side cover and box. Homemade bushing knocker.

    Clean and inspect all parts now and decide what you must reblace. Shim adjustment bolt to pitman shaft with new shim available from S. I.. Install new bushings. I had to get these locally at a bearing supply house. Just check the dimensions and call around. A new horn wire was installed here.

    With bearing cups in place, put upper bearing on and put lower bearing and in cap against bottom. slide in box and finger tighten.

    Next adjust by turning shaft while tightening. Follow procedure if you are not good with "feel".

    Install pitman shaft adjustment screw and side cover as an assembly. Adjustment bolt should be all way counter clockwise. Adjust pitman shaft and tighten lock nut.

    Install new lip type seal, discard old leather with retainer.

    finished product
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