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1984 Front A-Frame bounce limiters
Courtest of Tim Jackman, RQB-4008

Something that might help - On my 84 I noticed that there is a one inch spacer between the lower A-Frame and the rubber bumper that is mounted there. These spacers are on both left and right lower A-frames. This may keep the spring from collapsing far enough to allow the tire to rub the fenders. These spacers are not shown in the parts manual. The spacers came stock on my 84 but seem not to be stock on many other models. I don't know enough about other year Avantis to say whether or not they are present on other years as well.

To identify the BUMPER, lower control arm jounce -- steel and rubber, see page 125 of the part manual - Illustration number 1204-108, part number 524230.

The spacer is essentially a piece of round stock about 1 inch in diameter with a threaded hole (3/8 " - 24) in one end into which the bumper screws and on the other end a threaded shaft (3/8 " - 24) with the same threads and length as the shaft on the rubber bumper that is used to bolt the bumper with extension to the bottom control arm.

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