(Service Letter Listing)
(This is a work in progress)

S-1034 - November 21, 1961 - Subject "Mispositioned rear axle-to-body jounce bumber-1962 model Gran Turismo Hawk equipped with 4-speed transmission."

S-1050(a) Registration and Licensing Data; 1963 Model Studebaker Passenger cars. Suggested list price, shipping weight, starting serial number, wheelbase, tire size, engine data for all body types of Lark VI, Lark VIII, Cruiser, Taxicab, Police Marshall, Hawk and Avanti, (3)

S1049 The Avanti Service information. Introduces the workshop manual, Accessories catalog, Owners guide, Service policy and locations of decals. (3)

S-1964-5 - November 10, 1964. - "Steering linkage shock absorber kit 1962-1964 Hawk mode ls equipped with power steering."

F1963-2 Avanti Windshield wiper linkage adjustment Explains the dimensions and use of a gauge to find the correct wiper motor to dash panel mounting location.(3)

F1963-3 Window lower stop electric type Avanti Models. How to install a new additional window lower stop.(2)

F1963-7 Hood lock dovetail Avanti. Correcting loose dovetail bolts (1)

F1963-8 Avanti Windshield wiper linkage crank arm to motor looseness (1)

F1963-9 Change in windshield washer hose material Avanti model (1)

F1963-11 Installation of roof drip moldings Avanti model (2)

F1963-14 Avanti windshield wiper irregular return to park position (1)

F1963-20 Rear window retention in the body opening Avanti model (2)

F1964-6 (December 5, 1963) Console cooling kit Avanti models without air conditioning.(3)

F1964-7 Relocation of inside rearview mirror and use of improved mirror mounting stem Avanti models. (2)

G1964-3 Registration and licensing data; 1964 model Studebaker passenger cars. Suggested list price, shipping weight, starting serial number, wheelbase, engine code identity tire size, and engine data for all body types of Challenger, Commander, Daytona, Cruiser, Hawk, Taxicab, Police Marshall, and Avanti. (3)

G-1964-3B - (May 13, 1964) Discontinuance of the year designation in the serial numbers for Avanti models. H1963-3 Clutch operating rod bending Avanti models (1)

J1963-3a Spark plugs Passenger cars with Jet Thrust engine (1)

J1963-6 Improved starting models equipped with Jet Thrust engine (1)

J1963-7 Ignition distributor condenser Avanti and Jet Thrust models (1)

J1963-8 Interference between spark plug cables and the external ignition coil resistor Avanti models. (1 page)

J1963-9 Battery hold down clamps Avanti models (1)

J1963-10 Electric type door windows and tail gates Avanti and station wagon models. (1)

J1963-11 Improved performance and starting Avanti and Jet Thrust models. (2)

J1963-15 Starter motor assembly Avanti and Jet Thrust models. (1)

J1964-5 (Feb 17,1964)Relocation of circuit breaker used with electrically operated windows Avanti (2)

J1964-8 Ignition coil and resistor all Supercharged engines (1)

J1964-9 Prestolite Transigniter Model 201 Ignition System: Parts list and installation instructions for Larks and Hawks with Jet Thrust engines and Avanti R1 and R2. Hawks with standard 8 cylinder engine and tachometer.(8)

K1964-1 Supercharger improvement Avanti and Jet Thrust engines (1)

M1963-1 Exhaust system Avanti models (1)

R-1964-4 (april 24, 1964) Improved idle cooling Avanti models equipped with air conditioning. (3)

S1964-2 - (May 11, 1964) Steering gear adjustments Ross steering gear used on Avanti and Hawks (1)

T1963-1 Interference between rear spring and frame bracket Avanti models (2)

W1963-1 Painting with Acrylic Lacquer Avanti models (3)

W1963-1(a) Paint formula Avanti Maroon (1)