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I bought a used S-W Studebaker tachometer at a swap meet, but tach senders and especially the connecting cables are scarce and expensive. So, I started an internet search for an alternative tachometer that might be acceptable.
The critical specs were black face with white numerals, white pointer needle with tail, no product name, readout in hundreds of RPM, 6000RPM upper limit, 270 degree sweep, stainless steel bezel, 3-3/8" case diameter, internal lighting, 12 volt negative ground, directly connecting to the coil, i.e. no sending unit required, and 8-cylinder compatible.

After a number of false starts, I found a Teleflex Marine Tachometer that operates on 12 volts and is calibrated for 8 cylinder 4-cycle engines (It can be adjusted to work on 6-cylinder engines, too.). It meets most of the criteria specified above, and costs less than $100 - way less from some suppliers.
It is not a perfect match for the S-W Tachometer, but I find it an acceptable alternative for a non-concours car.

The Teleflex Part Number is: 82288P. I got mine on Amazon, but there are other less expensive suppliers.

I was concerned about the 3" size also, but further research indicated that the Teleflex 82288P has a 3-3/8" OD case.