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1963 Studebaker & Avanti Tachometer wiring


(Transcribed from Dealer installation instructions)
    1). Disconnect the battery. In order to provide working clearance, remove the left defroster hose from the windshield outlet; disconnect the right hand fresh air control from the instrument panel; and; the speedometer cable from the speedometer head.
2). Disconnect the clock hole covers light wires from the chassis wire cable. If equipped with clock, disconnect the clock lead wire (red wire with fuse) from the ammeter gauge and the clock light wires from the chasis wire cable.

3). Remove the two retaining nuts and bracket from the rear of the clock hole cover or clock (if car so equipped).

4). Remove the clock hole cover or clock through the front of the instrument panel.

5). Drill two holes in the left side kickpad and inner cowl panel using the dimension shown in figure 1.

6). Connect the tachometer cable assembly wires (7, Fig. 2) to the sender unit (11) as shown in th wiring diagram. (White wire to ground terminal marked (v) yellow wire to ‘M’ terminal, gray with black tracer to ‘+’ terminal and black wire to ‘D’ termnal.

7). Attach the sender unit to the left cowl inner side panel. Place the short white wire (10) at the sender unit end of the wiring cable under one of the two sender unit self-tapping securing screws (12) provided.

8). Place the mounting bracket (2) through the tachometer hole in the instrument panel and lay bracket on the wire harness.

9). Connect the tachometer light wire (9) to the chassis wire cable connectors (same connector where clock light wire or clock hole cover light wires were attached).

10). Place the bezel ring (5) over the tachometer (6) being certain to engage the notch in the bezel with the tab ob the tachometer. Plug the tachometer light bulb (8) into the socket of the wire assembly (9) and plug socket and bulb into tachometer.

Fig 1.

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11). Place the tachometer into the instrument panel and engage the tab f the tachometer bezel with notch in instrument panel opening. Hold tachometer in place and install the mounting bracket over the rear of the tachometer and secure ii place with nuts (4) and lock washers (3) provided.

12). Route the tachometer cable assembly attached to the sender unit, behind instrument panel and connect wires (1) to tachometer as shown in the wiring diagram below. (See Fig. 3.)

13). Remove the ignition switch from the instrument panel and connect the gray wire with black tracer (14) to the ‘coil’ terminal of the ignition switch using nut and washer (15) provided. Reinstall switch in instrument panel.

14). Route black wire (13) of tachometer cable assembly through the oil gauge line grommet in the firewall and connect wire to negative (-) terminal of the ignition coil.

15). Reconnect the defroster hose, right hand air control, speedometer cable and battery cables. 16.

    Run engine and check the operation of the tachometer.

Fig. 2
1. Cable Ass’y-to-tachometer Terminals.
2. Mounting Bracket
3. Lock Washer
4. Nuts
5. Bezel Ring
6. Tachometer
7. Cable Ass’y-to-Sender terminals
8. Light Bulb
9. Light Bulb Wire
10. Ground Wire
11. Sender Unit
12. Sender Attaching Screws
13. Cable Ass’y-to-Ignition Coil Wire
14. Cable Ass’y-to-Ignition Switch Wire
15. Lock Nut and Washer