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Avanti Electric Antennas


have an 84 Touring Coupe. If you antenna is like mine, there is a white plastic, toothed extension about 24" long. The motor turns gears with teeth that mesh with the plastic extension that causes the antenna to go up and down.

Two things could have happened. The plastic extension has broken or a few of the teeth have broken. Either way, it's broken. (Like my 11 year old says, DUH!)

If you can grab the antenna, you should be able to pull it out. If not, the chrome base unscrews to where you can get at the antenna. Hopefully you'll be able to get all of it out.

Most auto parts stores have replacements that are very easy to replace. You need two people (one inside to operate the radio / antenna) and you outside. Turn the radio on so the antenna is at its highest point. Look in the trunk at the motor housing and you should be able to figure out which way the plastic extension will get wrapped up. Unwrap the new extension and then feed it back down the antenna hole making sure the way the extension will bend corresponds with the way it will be wrapped up (I can see it myself but I'm not sure I'm being very clear). Then have someone turn off the radio and you keep pressure on the antenna until the teeth catch and it starts to get "retracted". Make sure the antenna starts going down the hole, too. If you don't get it lined up right, tell your partner to turn the radio back on and the antenna will extend. The motor will automatically take up the slack and then stop and you can replace the chrome piece you unscrewed to get to the antenna.

Thank you for the excellent explanation. My Avanti is an 87 Kelly coupe.

I will look for the long white plastic gear at my favorite Avanti parts supplier.




We had a similar problem with a 1987 Kelly coupe and bought a new universal replacement unit at the auto parts store. It took less than a half hour to swap the whole antenna for under $ 50.00 three years ago. In the amount of time it takes to remove the white plastic gears ( if you can get at them ) and re-install the old unit you'll still have a unit thats 12 years old. It may take an hour or two


The motor is attached to a "snake", that is coiled an a circular compartment at the top of the motor. These motors used to have a plate covering the snake and its attachments to the antenna and motor. If yours has this plate, and you have great fortitude, you can remove it, reattach, lube, etc to repair. frank 5421



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