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Studebaker Hawk - Eclipse brake MC

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1995 Eclipse GSX ( AWD with ABS - 1.0 bore. All other Eclipses have only 15/16" bore)
Part Number is NAPA 10-2819 ($62+16 core), however the rebuild unit doesn't have the filler necks and attachment piece. A new part might have the clipon with the filler necks, but is probably a lot more expensive. I think all the Eclipses used the same reservoir and filler necks, the difference is the size of the MC Bore and that 1/16" makes a difference.. You can search out a unit from a scrap yard with the filler reservoir attached and the hoses and the attachment plate. I found one on Ebay.

The brake light switch is an Echlin SL-128, mechanical unit ($19.00) NAPA
. The original wiring harness can be dropped thru the body mount and fits perfectly.

160407ea.jpg The lines from the MC are initially metric, tied to a metric union, then to an SAE/Metric adapter.
The second piece is a Master Brake VL-3350 combo valve ($100.00), for a disk/drum setup. This is a combination, metering valve, proportioning valve and balance sensor. It will allow the rear brakes to grab first, then allow the front brakes to grab. Again, this piece requires adapters to match the 3/16 lines. or

use these Napa prepared lines to
adapt an SAE to a Metric system,
about $10.00 each.

The Actuator pedal
(Pics from Bondo Bill)

The bracket holes may have to
be elongated to bolt up the MC

The actuator rod is fit to the
rear eyelet of the brake pedal

Trim the actuator rod for
final fit. First tighten the adjuster all the way,
so too much isn't removed.

The Eclipse MC bolts right up to the Turner bracket. I'm using the Eclipse Firewalll mount reservoir, with plastic lines at the moment. This may have to be pretty'd up later.
Note the floor access panel is now useless and can be welded shut.
My Hawk uses a Hydrovac with front Disk brakes. The lines are run from the MC to the combo valve, then the front line out, to the hydrovac, then the disks. The rear brakes have their own dedicated line. Since the combo valve balances the brake line pressure, this system should work very well.

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