1957 K Quarter Window Repair

Steve Brown, Fort Pierre, SD

Ref . SDC Forum - Jan 2017

I have just completed the replacement of the felt at the back of the channel with self adhesive velcro and took pictures of the process.

    ) I used a 3 foot piece of 2" wide velcro from the local hardware store. I used a piece of the old felt as a guide for the width and used tape to mark where to cut at about 6-8 inch intervals. Then I used a straight edge and a sharp utility knife to cut the material while exerting pressure on the straight edge to keep the velcro from moving.

    ) I had cleaned the channel with a small wire brush which I attached to a screwdriver to be able to get to the deepest part.

    ) I started the velcro at the front by pulling off a few inches of the plastic and using a 1/2" chisel, which kept the velcro flat, to push it down until it made contact. I held the rest of the velcro flat with one hand while using the chisel and had no problems keeping the velcro flat in the channel.

In the deepest part I did use a large screw driver to push the material down. Using something to spread the sides helps when doing the deep part. I believe this will be better than the original felt as it apparently had no adhesive to keep it in place which is probably why it bunches up and causes problems. I used an awl to make a hole for the mounting screw .

Really is an easy fix - if you have those quarter windows out already. I did both windows channels as the thought of having to remove everything again to do a second one was not pleasant.