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AKAchamptrucking - SDC Forum - Sep 2011

South Bend, IN
Electric Brake Light Switch How To....

Since I use a 70's Chevelle disc / drum master cylinder with my Turner disc brakes I needed a way to have a brake light switch. So I remove the Studebaker pedal stop and replace it with a brake light switch from a 71 Olds Cutlass WITHOUT cruise control. In the one picture you can see the old stop and the new switch.

After removing the old stop, take a pair of Vice Grips and bend the tab downward a bit. Then take a drill with a 1/2 inch bit and drill out the hole in the tab. Next grind off one of the small connector tabs on the Olds switch. This gets it flush to the steering support.Then install it in place and adjust it so it becomes the new stop. Wire it in and you are good to go.

If you wanted a electric switch on your stock Studebaker you could also do this trick,then install a new factory switch with the fluid hole JB Welded shut into your factory master cylinder and just leave the stock wires attached. Cut the brake light wires under the dash and wire them into the new switch and no one will know the difference !