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Bruce Blum, Avanti Power Brake Conversion

Due to the Master Vac brake booster going bad on my 1970 Avanti, I decided I wanted a more modern booster/master cylinder combination. I went through the speed shop I deal with and they contacted a performance brake supplier about coming up with a proper system. Based upon the size and weight of the car, its horsepower rating, type of brakes on the car (Turner conversion kit), and they came up with an
Allstar Performance 8 ALL41006 brake booster and a Wilwood 2604894 master cylinder.

Some modifications to the booster mounting bracket were necessary as the mounting studs were a slightly different spread than the original. Basically the mounting holes were slotted to allow the new booster to work. The brake rod needed to be properly adjusted and the brakes fully bled and the car stops better than it ever has. The pedal has the feel of a modern car and the car stops like one.

While this combination works great, a car still equipped with the original Dunlop/Bendix calipers might require a somewhat different combination, but I can vouch for this combination for an Avanti (or a Lark type car) with the Turner conversion kit disc brakes. The Allstar Performance brake booster and Wilwood master cylinder are also less expensive than a rebuilt Master Vac booster and the cost of the Wilwood master cylinder is not unreasonable. The booster is available through and the Wilwood master cylinder is available through Summit Racing as well as other sources.

Bruce Blum
Frederick, MD