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Replacement Avanti Master Cylinders

NOTE: The larger reservoir is plumbed to the Disk brakes)

Note the bore sizes. With a booster, over a 1.0" bore is very workable. Less than a 1.0" bore might give more pedal throw than desired. NO power booster with over a 1.0" bore might require extra pedal effort.
63 - 70 (RQA)Avanti

4 Bolt units

68/69 Chrysler New Yorker/300 with disk/drum -NAPA TS101344
Item#: TS 101404 Apr07
Price: $21.99 Core: $11.25
Bore Size:1.12500 / Line Thread Size:1/2-20 / 9/16-18

69 Dodge Monaco - disk/drum - NAPA TS101327
Item#: TS 101327
Price: $21.99 Core: $9.25
Bore Size:1.12500 / Line Thread Size:1/2-20 / 9/16-18

67-70 Mopar - A/B/C/body (DRUM) brakes - w or w/o Power brakes

NAPA TS101323

Item#: TS 101323
Price: $17.49 / Core: $11.25
Bore Size:1.00000 / Line Thread Size:1/2-20 / 9/16-20

Mid 70's Chrysler. NAPA # 36307. Look in Turning Wheels, April 2001 (Jim Turner , Jan 2003)

Item#: UP 36307
Price: $75.99
Bore Size:1 1/32"

June 2019 - Many parts have been superceded and numbers don't match some of the above. The following are 4 bolt MC's for 63-70 Avanti

Centric 130-63014 - Rockauto


Raybestos MC36283

  The ports on these MC's are on the fender side. / June 2019

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