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New Timing Cover Seal Approach

From: SDC Forum

Just getting started back on my R1 for the 53. Here's another wrinkle on timing cover seal from felt to lip: The seal is a National #472397. It has about .006 interference fit, when pressed in. I contacted Permatex and they recommended the product to use on the seal. The product on the retainer plate screws is RED Loctite type. The balancer will get attention next with a gold redi-sleeve, after filling spiral grooves. I think everybody has already seen that procedure.
Here's the cover before machining:

Here's the cover after machining opening to 3.00". Retainer ring has been drilled to provide drain back:

I used these two products to lock retainer ring bolts and to secure seal:

Heated the cover to 150 degrees and chilled the seal to about 36 degrees. Then put seal in. Here's a outside shot:

Here's a inside view, showing retainer with drainback holes: