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Studebaker Master Cylinder Replacements For Turner Bracket

Note the bore sizes. A minimum of a 1.0" bore is required on all Stude cars, no matter what the brake configuration. A 1.0" bore will yield a 3-5" throw and good braking. A 1 1/8" bore will give a 2-4" throw and stiffer brakes.

Drum/Drum, Disk/drum and disk/disk systems ALL react differently, depending on the master cylinder and whether or not you use a booster. DO YOUR HOMEWORK on the hydraulics and have a safe trip.

Here's a page on how to remove the residual check valves

The following MC's bolt up to the Turner Dual Master Cylinder Bracket

NAPA TS101854 - 78 Ford E-150 Truck - 2 bolt mount

Item: TS 101854 / Price: $16.99 / Core: $5.75
Ports:2 / Bore Size:1.00000
Line Thread Size:9/16-18 / 7/16-24

NAPA TS101525 - 78 Ford Ranchero - 2 bolt mount

Item#: TS 101525 / Price: $16.99 / Core: $5.75

Ports:2 / Bore Size:1.00000 / Line Thread Size:9/16-18 1/2-20

NAPA 39575 - 87 Camaro disk/drum - 15/16"(24mm) or 1 1/8"(31.75mm) bore - 2 bolt


You have to discard the reservoir and acquire remote filler adapters from a hot rod shop

1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse - AWD w/ ABS - 1.0" bore - 2 bolt

The above is the adapter pipe needed to join the SAE lines to the Metric Master cylinder.
NAPA TS 102819
Price: $62.49 (Aug 2007)
Core: $17.00
# of Line Ports:2
Bore Size:1.00000
Line Thread Size:M10-1.0

The fittings on this one are metric and require sae/metric adapters and unions, readily available. Also a rebuilt unit will not have the filler adapters. Acquire these from Ebay or a recycle yard. The HR shop units may not work in japanese applications, although they look to be the same size

up390115r.jpg up390115rr.jpg up390115t.jpg

1995 Mercury Villager
With 4 wheel ABS
Item#: NAPA UP 390115 / Price: $75.99 - Nov 2007

Bore 1.0"

Raybesto MC56193 (NAPA UP36237) - 64-76 AMC / 81-84 Jeep Truck -

If purchased rebuilt, this one has a high cap and may hit the floor. The new units are said to be lower. Also lower plug may hit batwing frame crossmember.

Features & Benefits: Application Engineered to Meet or Exceed Original Equipment Design & Quality. Rubber Components Made from EPDM Rubber Ensure Resistance to Dryrot & Ensure Compatibility With Silicone
& Glycol-Based
Features & Benefits - 2:Master Cylinder Rubber Components Meet SAE J1153 & SAE J1154 Specifications to Ensure High-Temperature Durability. Rubber Component Material:Rubber Components are made from EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene- Monomer) & SBR (Styrene-Butadiene-Rubber).

Bore Size:1"

Aug 2007 $79.00 (new)

Here's a page on how to remove the residual check valves

SS4736237 - same as above / different height

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