I finally finished the installation of my Sanden AC compressor and Delco alternator on my 61 Hawk. I am not a master fabricator, I just thought some of the other amateurs out there may be interested. I thought it worked out pretty well and was fairly easy.

The Compressor fit the generator bracket without modification. I used grade 5 threaded rod to run through everything. I still have to make a couple spacers to fit on the threaded rod but that is no big deal. The original belt tension adjustment strap fit the compressor without modification.

The alternator was a little more involved. I replaced the front 2 head bolts with 5" studs made from grade 7 threaded rod and I used a hardened washers under the nuts. I fabricated the bracket and set it on top of the nuts after the head was torqued. The bracket was made from a piece of 2" x 3/8" flat bar. The saddle the alternator bolts to was made from a piece of 1-1/2" x 1/4" flat bar. The belt tension adjustment strap offsets had to bent in the opposite direction since it was being used on the opposite side of the engine. I also had to add more hook to the bend to fit around the alternator correctly. A little heat from the torch and it was easy to reshape. The cutting and fabrication work on the flat bar was all done with a cut-off wheel, grinder, drill press and a welder of course. Nothing fancy required.