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1950 Studebaker Indy car

The 1950 Roadster.

The first 3 pics of this car were taken in 1995 at the Fall Hershey Car Corral. The owner at that time was a 'used car' dealer, I believe from Criswell, somewhere and the car was for sale for $12,500. No one was around the car, but a large sign touted that the car was built for an Indy 500 race and 2 attempts to get it in the race failed. Noted were the leather seats, 16 inch, steel dish, knockoff wheels and the "1950?" tilt steering wheel....

indy50a.jpg indy50b.jpg indy50c.jpg

The second series of pics were taken at the 2000 Fall Hershey Car Corral, almost in the identical spot. This time, with the help of a couple other Studebaker types, we inspected the car a bit closer. The V-8 engine (1950?) was set back about 2 feet. The hood had the resectioning weld still showing underneath. Nothing telltale on the fenders, but your know they were tweaked. The workmanship wasn't all that bad. Still for sale...

indy50d.jpg indy50e.jpg indy50f.jpg
indy50g.jpg indy50h.jpg indy50i.jpg indy50j.jpg

Now here's a Website on the car...It's for real...

Comments received on this car
02Jul2001 - Subject car was powered by a Studebaker (Parkard ?) V8 engine.
Dick Rathmann attempted to qualify the car but it did not make the field. Ed Robinson, Irving, TX

For sale at
the Kruse Auction

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