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August 2012

197 tractor trailer loads of parts were moved from the old SASCO building to this facility, which is the old Chippewa Truck Plant. Many of the parts have yet to be categorized and inventoried.


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DSC07816m.jpg DSC07817m.jpg
Many of the racks still show the Packard Motor Car Company Stencil
DSC07818m.jpg DSC07819m.jpg
DSC07820m.jpg DSC07821m.jpg
Lotsa fenders, but NO C/K sheetmetal
DSC07822m.jpg DSC07823m.jpg
DSC07824m.jpg DSC07825m.jpg
DSC07826m.jpg DSC07827m.jpg
DSC07828m.jpg DSC07829m.jpg
Quite a bit of stainless that has to be assigned & inventoried
DSC07832m.jpg DSC07833m.jpg
DSC07834m.jpg DSC07835m.jpg
DSC07836m.jpg DSC07837m.jpg
DSC07838m.jpg DSC07839m.jpg
File cabinets full of engineering drawings and blueprints of parts...
Chris Dresbach, our incredibly knowledgable tour guide..
DSC07842m.jpg DSC07843m.jpg
DSC07844m.jpg DSC07845m.jpg
DSC07846m.jpg DSC07847m.jpg