20 Years owned in May 2020, this 64 GT Hawk that was purchased in 2000 and spent the better part of next 7 years (on & off) getting renovated. By 2008, nearly the entire car had gone through some restoration to one degree or another.

All corrosion was removed and repaired with metal. All bondo was removed and the only such material now is what was used for a skim coat to allow blocking prior to paint.

I have pictures of every step taken on this car and it's obviously too much to put here....

Original Equipment included: Power Disk Brakes, Power-Shift Automatic (floor shift), Air Conditioning, HD front Springs, Power Steering, Full Dash

The only non-original items are the Turner Front Disk Brakes and the seats, which are from a 90's Chrysler New Yorker. The driver seat is electric, but not the passenger side. The rear seats are matching and fit well. They look like they were made for the car and are very comfortable on long runs. Looks great on the road and gets a lot of attention.

This is not a show car, rather a good looking cruiser/driver. All the stainless and chrome are in very good to excellent condition. The windshield was new just before I purchased the car. The door panels were all NOS at that time also. It has the original factory engine that was rebuilt by a Studebaker Mechanic and has maybe 6-7000 total miles since then. It starts and runs well, has great oil pressure and no engine fluid leaks.

The front suspension inners were replaced less than 5 years ago and it's been garaged. Except for general maintenance, the car requires no repairs. You can drive it home. It even has a NEW space Saver Spare tire.


The car has not been used much since 2016, but has been maintained, started and run around the neighborhood occasionally to keep it viable.


It has undergone a continuous regimen of maintenance and upgrades. The latest has been;

    May 2020 - Oil & Filter change (15W30 HD truck oil / I ran out of Rotella)
    New Facet Fuel pump (40165, 5-7psi) / 3 fuel line Filters
    1403 Edelbrock carb cleaned and rekitted
    Optical Module in Mallory Unilite Distributor
    New coil & ballast
    8MM plug wires
    July 2020
    New Space Saver Spare included (140/90R15) @26.5" diameter. The spare that was in the trunk, was not safe to use.

    The car has not been driven that many miles since I've owned it.


    If there's something you don't like about this car, let me know. We can work something out, I have to sell it..

    Note: Underside pics added
    19 Aug 2020

    Walkaround - 12 Sep 2020


    Drivearound - 12 Sep 2020


    $14,500 O.B.O


    (Click on the images for a larger view)

Here are a series of picture taken, beginning on Wed, 13 May 2020. Except for a couple instances, the car has been kept inside from October to May, between driving seasons. Anytime parked outside, it's always been under cover.


The paint is from 2008~. The color is a 2 stage PPG/Omni match for Astra White. There are probably 8 color coats on the car and the same amount of clear coat.


Front Suspension - Oct-Nov 2015

Inner rubber bushings replaced / outers are in good shape, take grease easily
The front end is aligned and tracks straight, with no wander. Wheel bearings and seals were new around 2006-7

Rear springs have new shackle bushings and an extra 1/2 leaf to restore height
Shocks were replaced with current Gabriel offerings


The headlights are Halogen (H4) with a relay system for each light under the hood next to the (now unused) voltage regulator. The park/turn signals use LED bulbs and work fine. The upper fender lights come on with the headlights. There is a removable pin safety on the hood lock, under the valence.

There is an area on the top right of the grille, front edge, that appear to be brush marks in the chrome. They can only be seen if you look at a certain angle. Also the bottom right has a small crack where the fastener goes through hood frame.


This is a very light duty magnet to show there's metal right under the paint. There is some paint ruboff from the car cover seen on the vent door.

Windshield was NOS in 2000, the side glass is very good with no bubbling or milky edges. The rear glass is original. The weather striping around the side windows shows some age but seals well.
Front door regulators were reconditioned wth new rollers on both the lift channel and rear window frame; The rear regulators are original with no issues.


The magnet again..... You can put it anywhere and get the same results.

The underbody rocker panels, both inner and outer were replaced, along with the drivers side sub floor box and forward body braces. Both front floors on driver and passenger side were replaced with Classic Enterprises products. The entire floor, both front and rear floor were covered with POR-15 and fiberglass mat to increase rigidity. There is no basis in fact that this treatment is in any way detrimental, the car has a very solid feel while driving.

The wipers work fine, the washer system is not connected.


Both Front and rear bumpers are from around 2010 ( Doc Lindsey - York Swap Meet)

Both tail light housings are nice, but have some crazing in the chrome.


All Chrome, Stainless steel and Pot Metal trim are in good - excellent condition / Door locks work.
        Rims are Ford Ranger 6.5X15 with Ford lug nuts; Tires are 205/75R15 radials with ~ 3000 miles at the most, correct 64 Hawk hubcaps /

All brake, park, tail lights are LED. Work fine, no issues. The backup lights work. At the base of the back glass is a third brake light with turn signal lights incorporated. From the driver seat, you can see the (rear) turn signals & brake lights operate thru small holes in the housing. See exterior view below. The dash indicators are fairly weak, except for the high beam.


the paint..... (yes, that's a run in the clear coat...)


is from 2007-2008.....


...very good, but has a few apologies....On the trunk lid is a small blister or two, but it's been that way for years. Also a small blister on the Dside fender, but again status quo for years. The PSide grill has a couple flakes missing. There is no surface rust underneath that I can find.


Full dash / All gauges work except Tach (due to the Electronic Ignition) - Push/pull knobs below Headlight switch are for the A/C compressor (on/off) and the electric fuel pump ( on/off). Since going to a full time electric fuel pump, it only goes off when pulling into the garage for storage and running the carb dry.
Power Shift (water cooled) Transmission (rebuilt before my ownership). Shifts well, both manually and full auto. Although a new rear bushing and seal were installed, the trans does drip fluid.
    Electric Driver Seat ( Captains Chairs) with cup holders. / radio needs looking at ( lights up , but no sound) Drivers cupholder lever is missing, but still works. The carpets were new around 2008.
Maroon Velour, matches the door panels exactly / fold down armrest / very comfortable
All interior side panels were NOS before my purchase / The new door panels are over refurbished regulators / doors were finished and also painted inside / There are weatherproofing membranes behind the door panels.


Headliner and top bows are excellent...



Interstate Battery (2017), Battery cable to starter relay and frame ground is 00 Welder gauge, Scissor Jack, reflective markers, collapsable lug wrench, electric radio antenna, electric fuel pump safety switch is next to the (Red)keyed power switch, bag of extra seat belts.

The trunk emblem was NOS in 2000. The trunk lid lock works.


New Fuel Tank Sender 2017

Fuel tank was removed and reconditioned with Eastwood epoxy liner.


Oct 2000

Engine work

Engine starts right up (electric choke), has 65-70psi oil pressure on cold start / 25/35psi on warm idle / Note: The engine was completely re-gasketed in 2000-2001 and has never leaked. It may shed a couple drops after a trip, but does not continually drip oil. The power steering does not leak at all.


Factory Air Conditioning, converted to R-134 / cools great but has slow leak, likely the compressor seal / New (Ford) bearing in Compressor clutch (2015) / new belt idler pulley & bearing from Vintage Air kit. (2016).
Instead of rebuilding this compressor, my aim was to replace it with a Sanden type. The Vintage Air Mount for this is included.


V. A. Pulley Install


6 Blade fan with viscous coupling / Avanti HD water pump / Vintage Air A/C pulleys (2017)and idler kit to avoid water pump pulley (factory pulleys are NLA) Dual belt crank pulley / Fan Shroud opens for easier access ( even has a light) / GM SI-10 65 amp alternator. Radiator is a 3 row, Custom made w/ Studebaker tanks. Mechanical fuel pump was removed and has a block-off plate fastened to the timing cover.

Fuel line is routed away from the exhaust. Three filters between the tank and carb. There is a plumbed return line from the carb filter to the fuel tank, if needed.


Vintage Air pulley kit required new hose routing, so these are silicone sections (never wear out) with aluminum connectors / Easier access to PS Pump cover. White plastic bottle is for the windshield washer, but not hooked up.


So the Hydrovac failed and the Turner front brakes needed stopping assist. This is an 8" dual diaphragm booster with an aluminum Disk brake Master Cylinder and uses silicone fluid (DOT5) / The original system, even the pedal and brake light switch is still under the floor. The old dual circuit master cylinder was removed. The valve covers are chromed and do not leak at the gaskets. Plug wires are 8mm silicone with spiral wound core / plugs are Autolite 437


Coolant overflow bottle in front of the Delco SI-10, 65 amp alternator. The switch for the shroud interior light is on the right, in the shadow.


Brake Pedal is 63 Lark assembly, modified and attached to Hawk dash brace. Firewall is reinforced to increase stiffness with T6 aluminum and 2 small pieces of steel angle. brake light switch is mechanical , mounted on pedal strut. / Front brakes are Turner Disk / Front Brake hoses are stainless steel braided / Rear Brake Hose is ~2006 / Brake fluid is DOT5 Silicone / Rear brakes are Factory drum brakes for a Disk brake car and were refreshed with new shoes and hardware. Emergency brake works well. The wheels cylinders are in good shape /The original front disk brake system is included with the car.

The rear axle has a 3:31 ratio, Not Twin-Traction however. The fluid has been changed at least once during my ownership.


Additional items to be included with the sale of the car;

) Vintage Air bracket for a Sanden Compressor   / #1 in this pic
) Box of spares including water pump, distributor parts, fuses,
    belts, electric fuel pump, filters, fluids, etc -
) New Space Saver Spare 140/90R17 (26.5" diameter) (the original spare has since been disposed of...)
) Bag with rear seat belts:
) Original disk brake system with usable rotors

(.337/.333) and larger

A pair of
reconditioned 2.25"Toyota Crown Calipers

) Set of reconditioned Cylinder Heads

) Budge Car Cover.

Likely a lot more, as I find stuff and pile it up.. Everything has to go...



Asking ($18,500)     Now ($14,500) Pretty firm on this) Jan 2021