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1963 Studebaker Avanti R-1007

The #9 Bonneville car

Owner - John Hora, Los Angeles CA

Bonneville YouTube video

Gold with fawn interior. Body #107. Original California registration was to Paxton Products. Converted to R3 for speed trials at Bonneville in Oct 1963 and became "world's fastest production automobile" driven by Andy Granatelli. Equipped with full roll cage, extra oil and supercharger cooling systems and additional instrumentation and fuel pumps. Currently on display at the California Automobile Museum in Sacramento, California.

I see that there is still confusion on the Bonneville Avantis so let me try to set the record straight. The video on youtube "Bonneville Record Breaker" is a film of the 1962 Bonneville runs, not the 1963 runs. The color of the cars were 1. red on the prototype car (not a production red as it was a prototype and was painted a darker red). If you look at the end of the film you will see Andy and VJ standing by the car. This car was modified into the Due Cento for the 1963 Bonneville runs. The second car was gold. This car lettered #9 for the 1963 runs. The third car was red and it was lettered #8 for the 1963 runs.

In this film, it is documented that the protytype (red car) set the records in 1962. The gold car was the backup and the other red car was the test car. In 1963, the gold car (#9) set the records and the #8 was the backup car. The Due Cento ran the R5 engine and was shooting for 200 mph. It ran 198 on wet salt and could not get traction. Since Studebaker announced that it was going out of the car business, it did not get to return to try to reach the 200 mph mark.

The Sears-Allstate Cross Country Avanti was at Bonneville but cannot be seen in the film. It was either white or gold, I believe gold. It was all lettered up with cross country records and had an R2 engine.

Dick Bennett

The #9 Avanti has a 140 mph speedometer in it as all early Avantis had a 140 mph speedometer. It is serial #63R1007. The #9 does have round headlights. The car Paula Murphy is standing beside in the poster is the #9 as she also set some records at Bonneville with this

Interesting pictures of #9. I spotted the pressure regulator in front of the carb. It matches one the came into my possession several years back that apparently was sourced from Paxton in the late 60's. I had no info on it. Included in the package was a fuel pump base with 3 inlet & 3 outlet valves, obviously for high output. / WCP SDC Forum