1962 Indy 500 Pace Car! This 1963 Avanti is absolutely mint! Georgeous off White exterior with a Orange & White interior. Every part on it is either new or rebuilt! The original tires were replaced with great Michelins that help the handling. The wheels are Halibrand Magnesium. This little Beauty has it's own story to tell: Imagine you are on the track at Indianapolis. This pace car is going to be given to the winner of the Indy 500. Everyone is racing to the front to be the national winner. The checkered flag drops - Roger Ward is the winner! Lo and behold, Roger decided he didn't want this supercharged model though, and had one ordered with AC and an automatic that he could enjoy on the streets and his sons could get some pleasure out of! This was an understatement as to his sons! They had more fun, and got in more trouble, than their Dad could shake a stick at! But back to this particular car. Down the road Roger Ward's son had a birthday coming up. His loving wife wanted to find something special for him. She came across this car and realizing he would be the 3rd owner bought it for him! Now here it is.