1963 Avanti R-1177 - Bodytag - 63RQ-346 - Engine -RS-1165


    ). Orig owner: Thelma Royer, Adelphi, MD sold October 5, 1962
    ). Dealer: McNey Motors, Bethesda, MD
    ). Several owners prior to me buying car from Willard Hamill estate of
    Roanoke, VA May 30, 2017. ). Engine number RS-1165
    ). Equipment: Supercharger, automatic power shift, wwtires nylon "500",
    electric windshield washer, pb radio and antenna, rear speaker, front/rear seat
    belts, side view mirror. Turquoise w/turquoise interior. Price of car was $5144.22

    Second owner Robert S. North, Clifton, VA.

    ). Car was modified with R3 headers, camshaft, and air cleaner.
    ). Later car was returned to R2 specifications. Battery was relocated to
    trunk in order to install "factory type" air conditioning.
    ). Engine overhauled along with power shift transmission 2017-2018.