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1963 R-1205

October 2005
We have a rare and unique Studebaker Avanti we are listing for one of our customers. This automobile has had the restoration started and has not been finished. The underside does need the hog troughs replaced along with more underbody structure repair. Options as seen on car; factory supercharger, power steering, twin traction(limited slip), am/fm radio, tinted windshield, front seat belts, windshield washer, dual outside mirrors. Included with car are these extras; spare seat belt, drive belts, chrome ignition shielding, distributer, rubber weather stripping, misc.emblems, used spindles, assorted small parts ..see photos. Factory paper work includes copy of production record, owners guide, accessory guide, radio instructions, dealer prep record when new with date and original owner info(South Bend home address!), Owner service policy card also included issued from Freeman Spicer in South Bend. Factory sales brochure also included showing all features, standard and optional. Total production was 4647 cars..this was ordered 6/26/1962 and completed 9/6/1962. Records show only 213 cars were built in september of 1962. Owners records show engine replaced at 66,575 miles. Current engine has number stamped RS01 or RS0l..hard to read. Car runs and drives, stops straight. Buyers with poor feedback or no funds need not bid. We reserve the right to reject any bid that is suspect to failure to perform. Please call us on our 800-615-2659 number to chat about this car or your ability to perform. We are not dealers nor is this our car. We have not worked on this car, but find it very special and it has the paxton power unit. The gent who found it and started the road back has passed away and his buddies are looking to turn his time back to cash for his bride. We are car nuts who can't stay away from stuff that we built in plastic in the sixties. This old stude is in need of a sugar daddy who wants a good start on a car that has a box of goodies and alot of paper that you do not usually find in the glove box. The mystique of the glass coupe with a back seat is here for you to turn into a trailer queen or a rush hour blast. Bid to win--only bidders win--last bidder rides in the captains seat