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1963 Studebaker Avanti R-1321
Listing - August 2009

    1963 Detroit Autorama Show Car
Built by Studebaker for display at the 1963 Autorama. Special ‘show finish’ noted on build sheet from Studebaker Archives. Only Avanti ever built with genuine leather drivers seat ONLY (restored by Phantom, original seats retained for proof of authenticity). Originally fitted with an R-2 engine, after the show it was retro-fit with an R-3 race engine by the Granatellis. *Fresh from a 3 year frame-off restoration by Classic Auto Restoration of Shreveport, Louisiana and Myer’s Studebaker of Duncan Falls, Ohio. This is the rarest Avanti in the world excepting prototypes. Priced at $70,000.00 with certificate of authenticity. Dr. Bill Pogue, 318-918-9671, Shreveport, La. *This car then sat in Dr. Pogue’s private collection until 2005.

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