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1963 R-1331

Parts Car - Chassis too poor to renovate / Body to be used on chassis of 63R-2990 ( see note below)
History - Purchased on Ebay, in August of 2003, from a Suzanne Stoll in Appleton, Wisconsin, who purchased it a year earlier, with no engine or tranny. Was purchased by Stoll, in order to renovate, but health issues arose and resale required.
originally turquoise exterior, with black interior.

    R-2990- same owner as above - Body poor, will be rebodied from R-1331
      Car (1331) was wrecked badly in the front and was too far gone to salvage. Pillar post all but gone. Major metal rust everywhere in the body itself. It was my father's who bought it with a damaged right front fender in I think 1967 or 68 from the original owner (Helen Tyson)who bought it new in the West Palm Beach area. When my father died he willed it to my sister. In time she wrecked it and threw it into storage for quite some time where it rotted away. She suddenly died and then I got it. I had it shipped back to Florida from San Francisco sight unseen, and upon arrival was sick to see how far gone she was. I decided to do a body off restoration on her. I bought another 63 Avanti with no engine and rotted frame on eBay (#1331) mainly to use the good body on my decent frame & hog troughs,and use my engine. I am currently DEEP into the long, ongoing body off restoration. I will keep her all original. White exterior, turquoise & fawn interior. A/C, automatic.