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1963 Studebaker Avanti R1406

Sep 2011

63R1406 was bought new in Ottawa by a Courteny Kingstone who was a pilot flying out of Ottawa. He kept the car very well up until he sold it in 1972. He kept all of his receipts of the repairs and other detailes including the ad in the Ottawa Citizen when he sold in in 72. The next owner did nothing with it and sold it with a seized engine in 1998 to Frank Wilison who did the heads and loosened the engine and got it running again. He did some work on it such as a stainless steel exhaust installation. He did not put a lot of miles on it as it had 65000 some odd miles on it in Oct 71 and now has 65600 on it. I bought it from Frank this fall. I am spending some money on it as it needed a new fuel pump, carburetor kit, as well as the fuel tank to be coated and cleaned. I am just trying to get it running smoothly and evenly right now out of a jerry can in the back seat area until the gas tank comes back.
It is rumoured to be "the Ottawa show car" demonstrated at the 1963 Ottawa Auto show, but I do not know if this is true or not. It is a gold colour R2 with a fawn interior with a powershift transmission

Neil Grant