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1963 R-1980

1963 serial 63R1980, body number 63RQ1141 Was a supercharged car, but engine long gone. Is a 4 sp with 3:73 posi, suppose to have a 4:09 posi, has power windows, not suppose to, no power steering, was suppose to, no rear speakers for radio, was suppose to. Car is silver was turquoise, looks like it was painted at factory. Car, from what I can find have never been wrecked, and I have had it apart. Found car in Al been sitting in a garage for around 20 years not running. No pictures, but when I roll it out of garage, I am going to take some so I can use them when I put it up for sale. Car order written 12 Nov 1962, Final Assy Date 29 Nov 1962, Ship date 11 Dec 1962. Original engine(which is gone)RS1447. Ign key number 4455. Car was shipped to MA Tydale New York. I think that the reason for the differences between the build sheet and the acutal car must be what is written on bottom of sheet, "Sold Rush"