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1963 R-1987

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You are bidding on a near pristine 1963 R2 Avanti. It has a little over thirty four thousand original miles. I purchased it from a friend who has had it since the 1970íS. He, as I am told, bought it from the original owner. He bought it while living in the Carolinas and was part of a respectable collection that he had at the time. After moving to Alabama, he sold all of his cars with the exception of this one, which he stored in a warehouse from sometime in the late 70ís, early 80ís to 2002, when I bought it.

It was complete and together, with the exception of some of the chrome pieces (which I reinstalled) that he removed before storage in anticipation to repaint the car. The original paint was in restorable condition. The drivers front fender had faded silver from a repair that was done in itís early life and their was several places where the paint was pitted, which is typical of early fiberglass cars. I could not find anywhere on that fender where actual filler was used so whatever the damage was, it must have been with the paint. I chose to repaint because I cared more about how good it looked than how original it was. I may have been wrong, but it does look good. There was also two of the wheel openings that were cracked at the top, probably from disrespectful people leaning on it.

I am selling this car with some regret as I had admired it for many years and worked very hard to get it. I now realize that it belongs to someone who can protect and care for it better than I . It isnít the joy I thought it would be to drive as I am paranoid every time I get into it. It also requires someone who knows these cars to maintain it.

It would be impossible to tell you all the details of what has been done to this car but I will tell you what I know. I can say that It has the appearance of a 1 to 2 year old car with a few exceptions. When I say this, I am talking about the whole car and not just what you see. The frame, undercarriage, suspension, wiring, chrome, stainless, interior, glass, trunk and most everything else is in exceptional condition, much of which is NOS or factory installed. I will try to do this categorically. Keep in mind that things that I say have been done were either done by me since 2002 or done by the previous owner before it was put into storage. Everything that was done then was done at the time before it was stored and there was few to no miles put on the car after that point.

Please check the last paragraph regarding known problems with the car.

Engine has not been rebuilt but has been pulled and new gaskets and seals installed (except head gasket). New freeze plugs were also pressed in. The same was done with the transmission. Gas tank was removed and resealed. The water pump was upgraded with the better version, carburetor rebuilt and petronix ignition installed. Radiator has been recored and a thermostat controlled (with manual override) electric fan installed (have all original equipment if you want to reverse). Stock water pump and supercharger pulleys were replaced with aluminum ones (have old pulleys if you want to reverse). An aluminum crank pulley and front seal replacement kit was purchased, but not installed (goes with the car). Supercharger was renewed, not rebuilt. All internal parts were replaced in the original housing by Craig at Paradise Wheels (authorized Paxton dealer). The impeller was upgraded with a slightly steeper pitched version. Wires, plugs, hoses, ect are perfect. Engine cranks easily and cold idles at 40 psi, runs at 60-64 psi and hot idles between 22-28 psi. At present, the valves have not been adjusted and is believed to be the cause of the engine pinging under load when it reaches operating temperature. I donít feel confident with making these adjustments and have no one here that I can trust with the car to do it ( I did say I was paranoid).

The body is in as good a condition as when it was new. The paint is approx 2 years old and has never seen rain and very little sun. The engine compartment, hood, trunk and jams were painted as well. Other than a couple of cracks in the wheel wells (previously mentioned), no body work was done or needed. Paint finish is of show quality, but could be better if it was color sanded one more time. There are three flaws ( small nicks not measuring more than 1\8 to 3\16 inch) that I have found. Each have been touched up and are barely noticeable. Hood, doors and trunk all open and shut easily and are in perfect alignment.

All chrome and stainless is in excellent condition with the exception of the valley pan under the intake manifold of the engine. Some rust has developed there. This has to be looked for to see. The front and rear bumpers are original and have not been rechromed. They have the look of a 5-7 year old car. The stainless is as or almost as shiny as the chrome.

All lens and lens bevels (parking lights, brake lights, ect) are in near perfect condition. Glass covers on headlights are in excellent condition with no scratches or dings. They have a slight yellowing to them from age that looks really good with the paint color. Had new ones to go one, but like these better.

All metal and rubber brake lines have been replaced . Rotors, calipers, drums and wheel cylinders have been replaced as well as switch. Rear drums can be removed without a puller (not welded to axle). That said, the drivers side rear drum brake dragged at one time due to a master cylinder problem and caused it to warp. It was turned and have had no problems since.

All suspension components are in near new condition or are new. Coil springs and rear leaf springs were replaced with NOS before it was put in storage. Most of the rubber bushings and spacers were replaced at that time from the sway bars back. It also has new shocks and tires.

Frame is in near perfect condition. There is no rust on any part of it and it is evident that very little has ever been on it. The frame has been painted black with a rust inhibitive paint. Rust seams to be an issue with Avanti frames and hog troughs (wherever that is). There is no issue of any kind, in that regard, with this car.

Exhaust is in good condition with the exception of a few rust spots at the bottom of the mandrel bend leading over the axle (see pictures). Glass packs are vintage 70ís stock but recently installed. Sound is very subtle, but throaty.

All glass on the car is original, but looks new. Rear side windows hinge outwards with no problem and stay out while driving. Vent windows on doors donít open, or I havenít tried very hard to open them. I donít think they have ever been opened.

Rubber on windows and doors is original, but in very good condition with the exception of the one on the door windows, which has been replaced with new.

Interior door panels and rear compartment panels are in excellent condition with the exception of the chrome strip separating the drivers side door carpet and door panel. The retainer came loose causing the piece to get slightly bent near the opening side of the door. It has been repaired, but should be replaced with a new one to be perfect. This same door panel has a little fading, more than the other panels, but not very noticeable (see picture). The original seats are in perfect condition except for a few small age cracks in the drivers seat measuring less that 3\16 of an inch and they are in a unnoticeable spot. The leather is still somehow very subtle and doesnít seam fragile at all. The rear deck and dash are in perfect condition with no cracks of any kind and donít seam to be at any risk of doing so. The console is in very good condition with only a slight discoloration near the rear. The glove box, both exterior and interior is in excellent condition. Gauge cluster, center console and overhead is new looking with the exception of some very small key chain scratches. All interior lights and gauges work perfectly except for the clock . Original keys and all the original locking components lock and unlock flawlessly. Carpet and headliner has been replaced by professionals with custom ordered kits except for the door carpet, which looked fine. Carpet may or may not be the correct color. Original carpet had been dyed in the past so it was difficult to know what color it started as.

Trunk compartment looks new and has all the tools that came with the car as well as what appears to be the original spare tire which still holds air!

This car has not been appraised and has not been shown other than a couple of cruise nights and a parade or two. All of the paper work is in the glove box. The original owners manual along with some other paperwork given to the first owner. There should be enough documentation to verify the mileage, but you really just have to see the car to know just how little use it has on it. There canít be many of these in this good of condition.


Engine may need oil seals installed. Had no leaks until I tried a synthetic oil, now it seeps a little. Transmission has a develops a few drops of fluid after sitting awhile on pipe fitting on the backside of the pan. Pinion seal leaks due to improper installation. I am including a new engine front seal and pinion seal with the car. The engine needs the valve lash adjusted, I understand it is simple, but no one around here will do it, including me. Also the afore mentioned exhaust having some rust at the area before the pipes go over the axle (see pictures). I also noticed tonight that the plastic insert inside the hood ornament has a small crack in it (approx. 3\16 inch). Its very unnoticeable but irritating in that I just sold one here on Ebay just two weeks ago that was perfect. There are a few scratches in the rear bumper (see close up picture of rear) from being on the floor of that warehouse for so many years. They are slight and may possibly polish out, but it will take more than polishing compound. Thatís all I can think of for now, I will add to this if I think of anything else

The Other Car:

With the purchase of this car, I will give you another one. It is also a R2 Avanti that was purchased by the previous owner as a parts car. It was definitely running (at a good click) when it was parked. The supercharger has been removed and the rear window broken, but otherwise intact. The radiator is pushed into the pulley, so the engine canít be turned over without some work. Iím sure the engine would need building to be usable as it has not been run for several years. One wheel and suspension is broken so a roll back would be needed to transport it. This car would be free to you. If you donít want it, donít ask for a break in price. And if you just want the parts car, contact me at auctions end, and if the buyer doesnít want the parts car, I will sell it to you (sorry, the free thing only works with the first deal).

Also included will be a rare vintage AM FM radio with knobs and color correct faceplate that will match this car perfectly. I would suggest that you send it to a restoration expert for reconditioning if you intend to actually play it. Right now, there is a vintage 70ís AM FM CB radio installed in the dash. No holes were drilled or openings modified to install it other than the two small ones under the dash for the CB mike holder, so it should be no problem putting the Avanti radio in.

If you read all of this, you must be interested. If you read my feedback, you will know that I am an honest person. This is a lot of reading, but you know all that I know about this car and if I think of anything else, Iíll add to this. I am happy to answer any questions you may have and invite you to come see the car if it is logistically possible.