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1963 R-2289

1963 Studebaker Avanti

4 speed, Air Conditioning, Power Steering, Power Disk Brakes and Twin Traction.

As some of you may know, I find nice Studebakers around the country, fix them up and find new homes for them on Ebay. In this case, I'm listing this lovely Avanti for a Studebaker friend by the name of Randy Nesselrodt and all questions should be addressed to him at:

Cell: 540-908-9513 - Office: 800-289-2445 - Hm. 540-289-5575

Randy's E-Mail Here

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I personally have seen this car up close, and it's as nice a car as it looks in the pictures. The nicest thing about this car is the rare combination of the 4 speed transmission and air conditioning. A Avanti without air conditioning is a miserable ride once the temperature gets into the mid 80's and higher. The combination of very little air flow into the cockpit and the heat coming off the center console is simply too much in anything approaching hot weather. Randy's car also has power steering and power disk brakes, both add to making this Avanti a joy to drive in modern traffic.

While not a trailer queen, it's in very nice overall condition, just a very nice honest, clean Avanti. I've often said: "There is nothing more expensive than a cheap Avanti", by which I meant choosing to buying a Avanti that needs everything, is false economy. By the time you repair rusty hog troughs or a frame, do the interior and the driveline, you'll have spent way more then Randy's modest reserve. Randy's car is nice enough as it is, but it could use new paint, dash pad touch up and some detailing for show.

The following is Randy's description of the car :

"I have owned this car for five years, I purchased if from a fellow businessman and friend who had owned it since 1993. Since that time the car has always been garaged. It is a southern Virginia car that was sold new from Puryears Motors in South Boston, Virginia. It has 110,000 mile and run and drives beautifully, I would not be afraid to drive this car any distance. The car has a perfect undercarriage, it has not been molested, and the engine compartment and drive train including shifter is original. It is not a concourse show car but is a great reliable driver. At some point the new owner may want to repaint the car and give the dash some attention. I do have a new dash mat (carpet) with the car. The car attracts attention everywhere, people often comment as to how nice it looks. Original owners manual and other papers with car. The reason I am selling is that I own another Avanti and other collector cars."

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Following Done Within Last 2-4 Years
New: Points, Condenser, Rotor, Dist. Cap, Plugs, Plug Wires, Battery, Clear Bulbs In All
New: Front and Rear Hoses, Rear Wheel Cylinders, Disc Pads,
Rear Shoes
Rebuilt: Master Cylinder, Break Booster, Calipers
New: Fuel Pump Rebuilt: Carburetor
New: Water Pump, Radiator Hoses, Heater Hoses, Heater Core Heater Control Valve Defroster
Hoses,R134A Coolant in A/C, Thermostat
New: Floor Mats, Shifter Boot-NOS, Rear Window Gasket, Door Hardboard Panels Behind Upholstery
New: Valve Stem Seals & Valve Cover Gaskets

All Instruments Work Fine Except Clock. Undercarriage Is Excellent
As Well As Exhaust System, Factory R-1 Engine & 4-Speed With Original Shifter & 3.73 Twin Traction