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1963 R-2466


Vehicle Description:
This is a original R2 supercharged Avanti that came from California. Serial # 63R 2466 with matching original Engine # RS 1646.
Stock Avanti's broke 29 Land Speed Records the 1st time they were taken out by Studebaker's president of it's Paxton Division (Andy Granatelli). Andy as you may know was a famous driver and builder of race cars. Granatelli later bought out Studebaker's other division of "STP Products" and did very well from it.
The Avanti fiberglass body was a very aerodynamic design by the famous Raymond Loewy, who was chosen "Designer of the Century" by Time Magazine.
Avanti's came with a built in roll bar, traction bars, radius rods, sway bars, heavy duty suspension and were the 1st US cars to come stock with factory disc brakes years before Corvette and most muscle cars.
A rare and unique historical vehicle to compliment any collection, museum, auto gallery or person who wants something few others have.
Door to door shipping is available. If you like it, now is your chance! Liv4today! Vehicle Condition:
This car has had it's drive train completely restored nicely with very few miles on it. It also has a few nice upgrades.
The engine was completely rebuilt with:
* New pistons and rings
* All new bearings, seals and gaskets
* New valves, valve guides and hardened seats
* New heavy duty R2 water pump and fuel pump
* Rebuilt original R2 Carburetor
* Rebuilt original distributor (converted to Electronic)
* New plug wires, battery cables and coil
* Rebuilt original Avanti alternator
* New motor mounts
* Rebuilt starter
* Rebuilt Supercharger with new idler arm bushings and pulley bearing
* Radiator was flushed and cleaned
* New Clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing.
* Flywheel re-surfaced
* New power brake booster and master cylinder
* All new hoses and belts
* New freeze plugs
* 3rd center brake light
* New front parking lenses and hood emblems
* New door seals, window seals, cat whiskers, etc.
Matching # original R2 engine
Nice 4 speed transmission.
Twin Traction rear end
Manual steering
Power Disc Brakes
Hill Holder (great option)
F&R glass with tinted sun bands
Upgrades include the following:
* Turner Brakes.
* Newer Avanti Dual Master Cylinder and Booster.
* Silicon Brake Fluid.
* Stock Distributor is converted to Electronic Ignition. Excellent for reliable starts, no more points to buy and timing stays right on .
* Stock looking high output coil & plug wires (no fouling or miss).
* Stock Voltage Regulator converted to fully electronic (no erratic / burnt / sticking points).
* Hypereutectic 1/2 dish pistons and hardened valve seats. No problems using regular fuel.
* Stainless swirled valves and chrome rings (longer life)
* Converted high output R2 fuel pump
* Full Synthetic Coolant (no water base, no rusting radiator/heater, high boiling point, no pressure needed) It's good for over 10 years, good for water pump and hose life.
* Brass freeze plugs
* New heavy duty chrysler wheels painted correct color.
* New whitewall Tires
* Alarm system
* Halogen Headlights under original glass covers (for brighter driving)
* Battery shut off switch (for storage, or working on car)
It is a very nice car, although not a perfect concourse car. The paint is about 20 years old and has some small pin size blisters in fender seam (not from rust, because it's fiberglass) with a few occasional sand chips and blemishes. There was a hole in back inside shelf that now has a model Avanti mounted over it with velcro (2nd Avanti comes with it). The bumper chrome is straight, but thin in front and bubbles on cheap replated rear bumper. Shift linkage could be better with Hurst (slow shifting into 2nd gear). Wiper switch not working (comes with a NOS one). Tach not working. Those are the main things that could be improved.
Hog trough's and undercarriage is solid as you should expect from a very nice California car that has always been stored indoors. Interior was redone and is beautiful with no cracks in dash, or in any of the soft vinyl seats. This car starts easily every time even after long periods of storage. It steers and handles great. A great thoroughbred to add in any stable!
If you have ever wanted a really nice original Avanti, now is your chance for a nicely optioned original R2 4spd!