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1963 Studebaker Avanti R-2502

October 2009

Two owner car, in same family for the past 37 years; has had a repaint from maroon to misty blue; seats were maroon now vinyl painted black; 44K original miles; no modifications done; auto with the Paxton Supercharger.

44K miles, it is an R2, now green metallic with vinyl black interior (color painted over original color). Was Avanti Red with red interior. I am the fourth owner. First owner is unk, second owner is older brother of third owner. Second owner now 90, brother is 77. Mostly still original, but poor mechanically maintained. Garaged for 10 years, has not run in 3 or more years. Always in RI, but now in VA.

63r2502a.jpg 63r2502e.jpg
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