1963 Avanti R-2569 - April 2017

Here's the Avanti Owner Service Policy card for R.B. Mann, the original owner!

In 2008, the next owner, an auto shop technical instructor, took the engine out and re-sealed the front
and rear main seals, he cleaned out the freeze plugs and water passages so it would cool properly, and
changed the cylinder head gaskets. Substantial work was done on the front suspension, and the brakes were
completely gone through. The tires were also replaced. Many of these receipts are included with the car.

Here's the reproduction invoice - from Studebaker to the dealer, Bob Francisco in Rancho Santa Fe, CA ,
showing the car as it was delivered. I'm sure the 4.09 rear axle ratio has been replaced with something
more civilized for road use. Note the "Silent Muffler" option. You could have your choice of Glasspack
style mufflers, which were a bit on the rumbly side, or "Silent Mufflers" which were more traditional mufflers.
Also note the Engine number, 1904, which we'll see on the engine below.