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1963 Studebaker Avanti 63R-2680
Originally a 93 0r 94 purchase, R2 no ps, no heat, am radio, 4.1 posi, no mirrors, cr 4 speed low miles, drag racer. Now with 94 repaint, mirrors, rechrome, ps, 3.54 gears, rebuilt to R3 (conversion parts from Lionel Stone) unrestored good driver car. / George Gratton

63r2680x0509c.jpg 63r2680x0509d.jpg
63r2680x0509e.jpg 63r2680x0509f.jpg
63r2680x0509g.jpg 63r2680x0509h.jpg
63r2680x0509i.jpg 63r2680x0509k.jpg
63r2680x0509l.jpg 63r2680x0509m.jpg
63r2680x0509n.jpg 63r2680x0509o.jpg
63r2680x0509p.jpg 63r2680x0509q.jpg
63r2680x0509r.jpg 63r2680x0509s.jpg
63r2680x0509t.jpg 63r2680x0509u.jpg
63r2680x0509v.jpg 63r2680x0509w.jpg
63r2680x0509w1.jpg 63r2680x0509w2a.jpg