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1963 R-2788

The car's history is that it is 63R2788 built Jan 23, 1963 and delivered to a woman in Baltimore. It came equipped with PS,AC,PW,AM-radio and Twin-Traction. How common is T-T? After its first owner, it was owned by a banker in Michigan, then another man in Southern Mich, then for nine years by the man I bought it from. During that time he drove it about 3000 miles, mainly to shows. It received 383 points at a 2002 Studebaker meet.

It’s restoration was finally competed: glass out repaint, overhauled engine, trans, radiator, new seat covers , dash and carpet.

All done to stock…except radials and engine rebuilt with lower compression to handle today’s fuel.

Restoration story was featured in Avanti magazine Winter-Spring 2012…Issue 157.

The car will be featured in the 2013 AOAI calendar…July.